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Stephen Shore

Actor | Musician | Playwright | Teaching Artist


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Photo by Michele Anliker

Photo by Steve Davis


Photo by Marti Stone


Photo by Virginia Shakespeare Festival


Photo by Michael Tuite


Photo by Asterio Tecson


Photo by Jenny Mayher


Photo by Virginia Shakespeare Festival


Photo by Nicholas Senn



"Irresistible performances by Grace Experience and Stephen Shore... deeply moving.

What makes their performances and the play work is the fragility they are hiding permeates every word."

-Jim Lowe

The Rutland Herald

Photo by Peter Lourie

Slim 1.jpg

"Stephen Shore was a sunny figure as the magnetic long line skinner, Slim."                                -George Walker

WFIU: Indiana Public Media

Photo by Cardinal Stage Company


"Stephen Shore as Jim Cullen may not be as physically huge as Cullen was purported to be, but he makes the man real. Shore evokes a kind of sympathy for Cullen, who was a violent criminal. That skill, to make an audience feel pity without a word, but with a glance or a shrug of the shoulder speaks of real talent."

-Eleanor Cade Busby

The Lincoln County News

Photo by Marti Stone

Stage Manager Pic1.jpg

Shore is perfectly cast as the Stage Manager... 

He has a warm countrified accent and welcoming demeanor, and the way he tells the audience about the place, the people and times (1901-13), you are convinced of his fondness for Grover's Corners and the simplicity of life there.


-Lisa Kristoff

Boothbay Register

Photo by Jenny Mayher


"Shore gives Cash that older brother solidity. Cash was also more a country singer than a rocker and here Shore comes through on Cash's 'Folsom Prison Blues' and 'I Walk The Line,' at that time a huge breakthrough hit for the Man in Black."

-Hugh Gallagher


Photo by Michele Anliker

Cyrano 4.jpg

"Cyrano's best friend, Le Bret, is played with subtlety and realism by Stephen Shore."

-Tamara Lilly

The Coastal Journal

Photo by Jenny Mayher


"Beautifully wrapped... there is enough onstage chemistry between her [Mia Bergstrom] and Stephen Shore (cast as lawyer Fred Gaily) to keep the action moving..."

-Jeffrey Ellis

Broadway World Nashville

Jim Cullen2.jpg

"Stephen Shore’s Cullen is never a “character,” allowing the audience to feel sympathy for the person he creates." 


-Maryli Tiemann

Times Record

Photo by Marti Stone

Lost in Space.jpg

"This heavy WWII drama wouldn't have been so powerful without the comedic duo of the two young actors Eric Paterniani and Stephen Shore. These two actors were able to show the tragicomedy of the human condition during the war and its extreme consequence. Bravo!"

-Marc Villard


Photo by Steven Cruz


...Shore has a comforting gravitas, a self-deprecating manner, and an easy way of letting important lines sit lightly before they sink in. Once in awhile, a resemblance to Hal Holbrook appeared. He is the glue that holds "Our Town" together and Shore's charm extended into the audience.

-Eleanor Cade Busby

The Lincoln County News

Photo by Jenny Mayher


"Shore imbues Cash with the Man in Black's trademark, deep-voiced gravitas."

-Jenn McKee

Encore Michigan

Photo by Michele Anliker



 Photo by Ariel Seidman-Wright 


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